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By Dr. Randy Lenderman
October 20, 2016
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Conway Kids Braces Lenderman Dental

Your 7-year-old daughter is beside herself because she’s lost most of her front teeth and her piggy bank is loaded with quarters from the tooth fairy. Simultaneously, you are seeing these walrus-like teeth entering your baby girl’s mouth and wondering if this will be a braces child. Does this sound familiar? I can relate. This is my daughter and me – except I don’t wonder if she needs braces – I know. I’m her dentist and her dad.


Almost 8 years ago when my daughter was born, I began taking courses from industry experts in the growth and development arena. I learned how orthodontic intervention (braces) aid in correcting poor jaw development and enhance both future esthetics and function. Now, after hundreds of hours of education and years of experience, I find myself excited doing it on a daily basis. Braces and related appliances can be life changing. Sure, there are the awesome benefits of a winning smile, but there are many other benefits to a child in need. 

Below are a few of the issues we at Lenderman Dental look for when determining if a child (age 6-10) needs braces early:

  • Correction of a crossbite
  • Help in breaking harmful habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrusts
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Protruding teeth at high risk of traumatic injury
  • Severe crowding: a little help early can mean less invasive dental corrections later
  • Improvement of upper airway passages for children with narrow arches
  • Severe tooth wear on a tooth out of position
  • Improvement in a child’s self-esteem with correction of poorly aligned teeth

So, parents, those dental visits for your young kids are so important. As we all know, our kids grow so fast. Seeing your dentist on a regular basis allows him to not only teach good habits, but to keep a look out for any developmental red flags.